Workplace Guidelines

Play by the Rules

Our expectations are simple. Show up, own your job, and be a team player. Practical guidelines, like our rules of conduct, attendance policy, and performance expectations, help us keep this company a great place to work.


We want to you to have a long, satisfying, and productive career with the Company. We set performance expectations from the start to help you be your best.

To start, you will be given a job description that broadly describes the essential functions, tasks, and responsibilities of your job. Later, you and your supervisor will meet to discuss more specific expectations and set measurable goals. You will continue to meet periodically with your supervisor to track your progress, update job responsibilities, and set new goals.

Your performance will be continually evaluated. If you perform well, you may earn promotions, salary increases, and more responsibilities. If you perform poorly, it may result in being entrusted with fewer responsibilities, probation, or even termination.